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Volunteer training and resources

How do I serve God through
serving offenders?

Individuals desiring to volunteer in prison ministry will learn basic lessons such as dress code and healthy boundaries between themselves and the offender as well as spiritual lessons such as recognizing what one’s purpose is when ministering to the offenders. 


How do I build a relationship
with God in my new setting?

If you are a former offender, we want to partner with you and assist you in finding your place back into society outside of the unit. Here, you can have access to links and organizations that Gateway has partnered with in assisting former offenders with reentry as well as resources that will allow you to find how you can get connected with Gateway Church.

Former Offenders


resources and Tools 

How do I start bringing
God to prisons?

As your church becomes interested in creating a prison ministry, you’ll come to realize that it requires time and patience to develop unlike other departments. Here, you’ll learn about finding the right person to lead the ministry, selling your staff and congregation on the idea, and ideas that you can implement as you get the ministry on its feet.

become a part of our chaplain network

How do I bring God to offenders daily?

Chaplains from across the United States will have the ability to learn how they can get endorsed by Gateway Church as well as join the Gateway Chaplains Network, learning how to develop crisis management skills, leadership abilities, and gain access to content that can be utilized within the units.



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